How to do guest writing?

How to do guest writing?
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Guest writing gives you an opportunity to market and represent yourself as a professional writer in any niche. Like many of us who are just starting in content creation and blogging, I was unaware of how to start and navigate this journey. My advice is just to start. Let me tell you about my experience.

But before I want to say next:

Announcing my first guest writing adventure. I was a guest writer for the SigNoz.

OpenTelemetry Nginx Tutorial - Instrument and visualize traces | SigNoz
In this tutorial, you will learn how to instrument your nginx web servers with OpenTelemetry. Steps to instrument nginx web server with OpenTelemetry....

I am really proud of this achievement since this is my first contribution to the open-source world, and I am not planning to stop contributing to the open-source project.

How to get noticed?

To get any chance to be a guest writer you first need to provide examples of your work. How can you do that?

It's pretty simple:

  • Find a niche you are good at and have extensive experience at
  • Start writing content with a focus on the quality
  • Publish your content and share it with the world

It's pretty simple. You can find these points in any blog about content creation. Even Google tells you the same.

Google search console tips on success in content creation.

I want to tell you a real story behind these bullet points.

My experience

I started blogging arround June 2022nd.  I chose a technical blog because I was passionate about Software and Systems engineering. Since I was working as a DevOps engineer at that time I had around 2 years of experience in real-world projects. I found suitable topics which I wanted to learn more about and wrote on those topics.

My reasoning was next:

  • Learn new topics and do research about topics I have an interest in but don't get exposure to at my work
  • Practically implement stuff
  • Arrange the thoughts and write a concise explanation in writing

This way I get multiple benefits. First and most important I learn by doing new stuff. Accumulation of these topics over time can benefit your career a lot.

The second step is to write and explain the topic to the public. This helps me to see if I really understood the topic and where the loopholes in my mind are. Focus on the loopholes to have a complete understanding of the topic. I would say cement it in your mind so that you can easily access these pieces of information when It's needed.

The third part is sharing this learning with the world so others can benefit from your hard work.

So I followed these steps multiple times when I had time - since the whole time I was working a full-time job as a DevOps engineer.

What helped me a lot to get motivation, energy, and time to accomplish this is that I really like what I do. You've heard a lot about: Do what you love if you want to get far. I think this is really true since you will always have time, energy, and motivation to do anything where your passion is.

Sharing with the world

At the time when I started the blog I had around 200 connections on LinkedIn and I used it as a base for the sharing of my articles. The people I worked with gave a lot of support for my work which was great wind in my back.

It gave me a chance to write for my current company at the time since they recognized that I can create quality content. So if you are working full-time/part-time for any software company you can ask to write your blog or vice-versa. This is a great way to start and sharpen your skills.

In the start, I shared articles on the medium account. Later on, I decided that I want to own my platform. I found a Ghost blogging platform that is open-source. I went with hosting my own instance of Ghost because I want to own my platform.

Where to host your blog?

My advice is to start with any platform which is free. You will just pay with your time to create quality content. Otherwise, if you are serious about your blogging you can create a Ghost instance in two ways:

  • Buy hosting and management from the Ghost 
  • Host your own instance of the Ghost and pay for the infrastructure (Virtual machine or any other platform)

I've heard from multiple people on LinkedIn that my article helped them or they liked it. Which is the best way to connect with other people who share the same interests.

By sharing with the world I got a few opportunities to market my posts and to be a guest writer. This is the best way to get opportunities for guest writing. Just keep doing your best!

Building trust and give

By creating reliable and quality content you are building trust with the audience through every post you create. So take time to create a really good post:

  • Create draft
  • Proofread it a few times
  • Rearrange paragraphs if needed
  • Create clear diagrams, visualize the idea
  • Provide a repository with the source code

When providing a repository you can help the readers to run examples and demos.


By combining all the steps above you can get big results over time. Your path can be different than mine. I wanted to give more insights behind the general bullet points and what happens behind the scenes.

If you are thinking about writing, I just want to say DO IT! It can help you boost your career by learning new concepts, and how to write concisely, and can give you a chance for employment if you are currently looking for a job.

I want to state that it is a slow process and requires a lot of energy and time - so find something you are passionate about. If you expect instant results just don't do it then.

In the end, I will share my google search console reports for the last year so that you can see real-world of examples how independent writers can gain traction.

As you can see slow start in the beginning and later you get more and more traction.

Good luck fellow writer!

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